Which Is The Best Travel Health Insurance?

It is advisable to have a travel health insurance when traveling whether for a safari, going to a beach getaway to relax, or traveling to have fun in a city.

The importance of having a travel health insurance is that anything might happen in your trip or you may fall sick.

The insurance comes in to cover you.

Travel health insurance gives you calmness and peace of mind while planning and even as you go for your trip.

In most cases, the travel health insurance providers cater for medical treatment abroad, medical evacuations and hospitalization if there is need.

Also, they take care of your trip reimbursements if it happens that you have to go back home early.

Most policies also have the provision of covering for terrorism incidents.

They run for twenty-four hours and also reimburse you if your property or luggage is stolen.

It is important for you as the consumer to read in detail the fine print in the policy to avoid getting inconvenienced when you need to claim.

This article will assist you to decide on the best travel health insurance before you set out on your trip.

  • Tokio Marine HCC

This travel health insurance has a number of benefits including their Atlas Travel which is helpful to you as the client when you need to come up with a custom plan.

This includes the setting of a deductible as well as a maximum coverage amount. The insurers have a good reputation and have been rated as superior (A++).

You can therefore trust their services as they are reliable.

You can estimate their prices through the sample price given here.

A two weeks policy for an adult of thirty years who is traveling from the United States to France would be $17.55 for $50,000.

This is for coverage and without deductibles.

A special feature that it has is that it provides for up to $100,000 as coverage for crisis situations that require response.

Such situations may include kidnap and ransom.

This coverage is per certificate period.

However, the insurance also has its limitations.

These include the fact that it does not cover pre-existing medical conditions and that it also does not cover routine medical examinations.

  • Allianz

Allianz is a travel medical insurance company that has been rated at A+.

This tells you that it is an excellent insurer and that it is reliable.

What gives it a cut above other travel health insurers, is that it covers from five days up to a full year or three hundred and sixty-four days of travel.

It does this from an amount of $50,000 up to $1 million.

This makes it ideal for people who want to go for a prolonged trip as well as those who want to take just a short five-day trip.

Besides, the insurer is rated highly and therefore quite trustworthy.

A sample price is that for a fourteen-day policy for an adult of thirty years who is traveling from the United States to France, it would go from about $36 for $50,000.

This is in coverage and without deductibles. Such is a good offer considering its benefits.

The policy also has a special feature, which is that in cases where the trip is interrupted, the policy can reimburse up to one hundred and fifty per cent of the trip’s cost.

This makes it even more appealing to persons who are taking a trip both far and near.

However, just like Tokio Marine HCC, Allianz has its limitations too which include the non-coverage for pre-existing conditions.

You should however note that not all Allianz policies have this limitation.

Also, not all Allianz policies can reimburse you 150% of the cost of the trip if it is interrupted.

  • IMG Global

IMG Global has a good reputation too.

It has been ranked at A.

It is a reliable and trustworthy insurance provider.

It has a special benefit which allows for coverage for up to two years, from five days.

The coverage can also be done through getting the policy that covers travel worth a year.

Now this looks like a very ideal policy for you if you would like to take a very long trip, as it covers for up to two years.

It is considered the best policy for people who like traveling to far countries to spend a substantial amount of time there.

A sample of the policy’s price is that a policy for fourteen days for an adult of thirty years who is traveling from the United States to France starts at $17.81 for coverage of $50,000.

This is without deductibles.

The policy has a special feature which is that for travelers who are sixty-five years old and above, it covers for pre-existing conditions which may suddenly recur in the course of the trip.

This makes it quite ideal for older persons who may be interested in traveling abroad.

Besides, its long-term coverage period also makes it appealing to people from all ages and groups.

It however has limitations just like any other policy.

Its limitation is that its vacation plans only cover travelers who are citizens of the United States or those who bought trips in the United States.

  • Seven Corners

Seven Corners has been ranked at A+, meaning it is a very high-profile insurance company that is both reliable and trustworthy.

Its benefits include its provision of coverage for trips of five up to three hundred and sixty-five days.

This is at an amount of $50,000 up to $1 million.

Its prolonged period of coverage is what makes it appealing and ideal if you want to go on a prolonged trip.

Its sample price is that for a fourteen-day policy for an adult of thirty years who is traveling from the United States to France, it would cost $21.57 for coverage of $50,000.

This is without deductibles. As you can see, the policy is slightly more expensive than most other policies, but it serves you well.

The special feature of this policy is that it includes terrorism coverage of an amount of $50,000.

It also provides for “Follow Me Home” care that is worth $5000 which is basically to continue with the care upon your return home.

Its limitation is that certain plans do not cover pre-existing conditions.