Is It Better to Have A Health Insurance or Not?

‘I am not sick, my family members are neither prone to illness nor do they suffer from terminal illnesses, why do I need an insurance cover?’

Truth be told, a health insurance cover is not cheap and for that reason, many people are tempted to go without coverage especially if they are not prone to illness.

Most young people tend to skip on enrolling for a health insurance policy arguing that they have a good immune system and if the household income is minimal health insurance can be cut off to save on money.

In such cases, people choose to pay one-off expenses when they fall sick compared to paying the insurance premium and co-payments in the future.

However, this can be quite challenging in case of an accident or where one suffers from a sudden serious illness or a long-term ongoing health issue.

These cases can result in massive medical bills and make an individual incur unimaginable losses if not plunging him or her in debt.

In case you are still torn between getting a health insurance policy or not; this article seeks to enlighten you on why it is better to get one and why one needs to have some kind of health insurance coverage throughout.

It is the expenses we do not foresee that cost us the most.

Medical expenses can toss you into bankruptcy quickly.

Healthcare emergencies are the worst kind to deal with can neither wait or be postponed.

Therefore, they have to be taken care of immediately since it is a matter of life and death.

A health insurance cover comes in handy in such times.

Being of good health can cause you to overlook a health insurance policy, however, that bicycle accident or dislocation of an arm can cause you to incur a lot of unexpected medical expenses and in cases where you need to visit a specialist on the same could cost more.

Emergency surgeries are also very expensive without a cover.

Health insurance offers coverage against critical illnesses.

Most health insurance providers have a provision for terminal and critical illness.

Such kind of insurance seeks to cover you against losses incurred from life-threatening diseases or conditions for an instance organ transplant, bone marrow transplant, etc.

We can all agree that such kind of conditions can result to one digging deep into their pocket more than you would have had you taken insurance.

The money you spend on such kinds of illnesses is more than the money you would spend paying for the insurance premium plus the out of pocket extra cost.

Some health insurance covers provide a lump sum amount which can go either towards catering for your medical bills or even your daily expenses and financial obligation as a result of the illness.

Having health insurance also comes in handy when you need a specialist.

In most cases, there is the provision for specific medical service providers and specialists who are in contract with the insurance providers to offer their services at subsidized rates.

This reduces the amount of money you could have spent on the services if you were a walk-in patient.

Most if not all health insurances also offer a cover for beneficiaries for instance your mate or your children who tend to benefit from the same cover.

Another reason why you should take up a health insurance cover is because of the cashless claim benefit.

This is where there are no out of pocket payments.

As long as the insurance is still running the insurer directly pays the medical service provider.

This only works if you get to use the healthcare facilities provided in your insurer’s network, you only need to display your identity card and the insurance card and after verification, you will receive medical services at no cost.

Some healthcare insurance providers offer an ambulance benefit.

This comes in handy if you get in an emergency and you require the services of an ambulance to rush you to hospital; your insurer is at a position to provide at no extra cost.

This is advantageous to people who suffer from attack diseases like asthma, epilepsy, and also those who are prone to heart attacks.

Some health insurance cover can take care of the medication costs incurred during treatment as recommended and prescribed by the doctor.

This is convenient since you don’t have to worry about having to dig deep inside your pocket.

This service is available when you use the selected medical care facility’s pharmacy.

The insurer also covers lab test costs, x-rays, CT Scans, and MRI’s.

However, it is important to note that this is not a provision that runs across all health insurance covers but may vary across different insurance providers.

Some are more flexible with such others have a limit of the amount you can spend on lab tests and scans.

In most hospitals we visit, we are required to pay for the consultation.

This is the amount we pay before seeing a doctor.

A health insurance policy covers you from this payment as long as you produce the insurance card.

Health is the most important factor in life.

You cannot live fully or attain your full potential in life unless you are of good health.

Health insurance does not guarantee you good health, however, it guarantees you a smooth time while seeking medication and restoring your health.

As expensive as health insurance may seem, the amount of headache it saves you from during abrupt sickness and medical emergencies is unimaginable.

It would be very hectic falling sick and still stressing on how to get your medical bill catered for or having to pay exorbitant prices just to see a physician whereas healthcare insurance could have made it easier.

Most people who get a rough experience with health insurance provider services are mostly as a result of no or minimum research.

It is always vital to not only consult the provider’s assistants and agents but also to do research on your own.

Find out more about the policy from reviews left by clients as well as information about the insurance company and their services.

The brand image of the insurance provider should be taken into consideration since they will be the people you deal with.

A background check on the insurers’ customer service is very vital.

Knowing how a company handles its customers in time of inconveniences shows you how you would be handled in case of one.

Before purchasing any health insurance, be inquisitive don’t shy away from consulting and asking around. Be smart.

Health insurance is essential that no one should go without.

Among all other things that one can overlook, this is not one of them.