How Does Real Estate Make Money?

Are you planning to invest in real estate?

Real estate investments can help you obtain financial success in the long run. Nevertheless, before investing in real estate, it is essential to understand how it can grow your income.

Currently, there are many ways of making money through real estate.

Obtaining profits from rising property values 

Real estate tends to appreciate over time. When you purchase a property today, you will sell it at a much higher price in the next two to three years. You can only determine the appreciation value of the property once you sell it.

Often, the appreciation value depends on several factors in the real estate market. But you can always increase the value of a property by developing it.

Consider installing permanent fixtures and utility systems on the property. Doing this makes the land more valuable.

Land can also appreciate once you discover precious minerals among other commodities beneath it. For example, if you find out that the land you just bought has oil and other natural resources, you can sell it at a much higher price.

Also, location plays a huge role in determining the appreciation value of a property. If you have a property in a developing area, it becomes more valuable over time. Note that properties can also depreciate due to various factors.

Rental properties generate constant cash flow income 

One of the major ways real estate can increase your wealth is by providing constant income. Usually, this type of income comes from rent.

Residential property income

If you happen to buy an apartment or residential building, your tenants should pay rent at the end of the month. In most instances, rent is fixed. However, it can fluctuate due to the living and economic conditions at a particular time.

For example, during the covid-19 pandemic, a good percentage of landlords reduced rent. Always buy a residential property located in a desirable location. This way, you’ll be able to attract tenants easily.

Commercial property income

Investing in commercial properties is also a great way to increase your cash flow. Here, you obtain income from commercial tenants.

The leasing terms and conditions of commercial properties are slightly different than those of residential properties. But generally, commercial property income is often higher than residential property income.

Raw land income

You can also obtain raw land income in several ways. For example, if you rent out your property for farming, the tenant should make a certain amount of payment by the end of the month.

Also, installing utility systems like pump jacks and cell towers can generate raw land income for you.

Real estate investment trusts (REITs)

Individuals can purchase shares from companies that own several commercial properties. This way, they can acquire dividends each year.

You can find real estate investment trusts on the stock exchange market. This form of investment is less involving and can help you save on time and effort.

Other ways real estate can help you obtain money

Below are other ways you can make money through real estate.

  • Short sales: Occasionally, people can choose to buy a house from a lender when the mortgage is behind on payments. The process of acquiring short sales consumes a lot of time and effort. So, it might not be worth the try. Even so, it depends on your requirements.
  • Lease options: In some instances, individuals can choose to lease a property with the primary objective of buying it later in the future when the market prices are relatively lower. This way, they’ll be able to make profits when selling the property.
  • Contract flipping: You can also make money from real estate by connecting buyers and sellers in the market. Doing this helps you gain a certain percentage of profit from the selling price.

All in all, there is a broad spectrum of ways you can make money from real estate. However, before you participate in real estate investments, take time to understand all the risks involved.

Which type of real estate makes the most money?

Nowadays, people are doing the most to secure their financial future. There are different types of real estate investments that can help you obtain financial success in the long run.

But what type of real estate makes the most money? At present, financial experts report that rental properties help you gain the highest return on investment. In particular, Airbnb and traditional rental properties offer the most money.

Why are rental properties the most beneficial real estate investments in 2021?

Here are some of the reasons why Airbnb and traditional rental properties provide the highest return on investments.

  • Substantial return on investment and positive cash flow

One of the primary objectives of investing in rental properties is to attain a constant positive cash flow.

A large positive cash flow helps you secure your family’s financial future, regardless of the economic conditions. Typically, cash flow refers to the difference between income and expenditure. The higher the cash flow, the better.

Traditional and Airbnb rental properties also guarantee a high return on investment. With such properties, you can always earn a positive cash flow every month.

Even so, when you invest in rental properties, ensure they are appealing to the public. For example, ensure they are in a desirable location where there is easy access to social amenities. This way, you’ll attract a larger customer base.

  • Increase in rental property value 

Almost all real estate properties increase in value over time. However, this depends on the development of the surrounding area.

Aside from bringing in a positive constant cash flow, rental properties are likely to appreciate with time.

When your property’s value appreciates, you can sell it at a much higher price. It is essential to improve the condition of the property to increase its value.

  • Tax deduction privileges

Rental property owners enjoy the unique privilege of experiencing tax deduction benefits. Any expenses associated with your rental property are tax-deductible.

For example, replacement and repair costs do not incorporate any taxes. Also, insurance premiums and mortgage payments are tax-deductible.

Enjoying tax benefits is not the main reason why people choose to invest in rental properties. Nonetheless, it is a unique advantage that investors get to enjoy.

  • Active or Passive Income

One of the best things about rental properties is that they require less involvement. Investors are free to choose whether they’ll manage the property by themselves or hire another party to manage it.

Investing in rental properties gives you the unique freedom of running another business while managing your property at the same time. And you still obtain good profitability out of these properties.

Busy investors may choose to hire a property manager to ensure their property is in good shape at all times.

On the other hand, some investors can choose to collect rent and manage their properties. Luckily, this does not consume a lot of time and effort. With rental properties, you are free to choose how to manage your property.

  • A wide range of rental property options 

Today, there are different types of rental properties you can invest in, from apartments to commercial buildings.

Each of them offers a substantial return on investment. Also, each of these investments caters to different types of budgets and requirements. For example, if you have a fixed budget, you can still find what works best for you.

In such a scenario, you can choose to invest in a single-unit apartment for a start. Then, after some time, you can progress and invest in a larger property.

How can I find the best rental property investments?

Rental properties are the most profitable real estate investment as of now. Nonetheless, not every rental property will provide a substantial return on investment.

Fortunately, several tools can help you find the best real estate investments. Let’s look at some of the tools that can help you.

  • Heatmap Analysis Tool

A heatmap analysis tool can help you identify the best real estate investments around your area. This tool enables you to evaluate a location through several factors.

Some of these factors include average rental income, rate of occupancy, selling price, and return on investments. Thus, you can always find what works for you through this tool.

  • Investment Property Calculator

This tool helps you compare different rental properties around your area. It will show you the property that is likely to provide the highest return on investment. Also, it helps you know how you can increase the value of your property.


Real estate can help you make money in different ways. They include property appreciation, rental income, and raw land income.

Financial experts report that the most profitable real estate investment is rental property.

These properties help you obtain a constant positive cash flow and appreciate over time. However, before investing in rental properties, take time to understand the risks involved.

Fortunately, specific tools can help you determine the best real estate investments in your area. Ultimately, always choose what works best for you.