The Fundamentals of Health Insurance

Fundamentals of health insurance

In a world where disease has become part and parcel of our lives, everyone is entitled to getting a reliable health insurance cover. This helps largely in settlement of hospital bills as well as buying of medication when one gets sick. Covering your family should be a priority too. You definitely do not want to …

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Difference Of Medical And Health Insurance

Medical and health insurance are two words that most people often confuse. The two terms are mostly used interchangeably, but they have minor differences between them that need to be addressed. The article shows differences between the two terms: What is Medical Insurance? Medical insurance is a type of insurance that takes care of medical …

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Is It Better to Have A Health Insurance or Not?

‘I am not sick, my family members are neither prone to illness nor do they suffer from terminal illnesses, why do I need an insurance cover?’ Truth be told, a health insurance cover is not cheap and for that reason, many people are tempted to go without coverage especially if they are not prone to …

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Is It Cheaper To Not Have Health Insurance?

Paying monthly health insurance premiums is not cheap. Some insurance companies charge up to $1000 a month for a single policy. This coupled with other out of pocket bills that you will still incur when in need of healthcare, may make you begin questioning whether you need a health insurance cover at all. Especially if …

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How Much Should I Pay For Health Insurance?

Medical care is difficult to put on a scale of cost because of its unpredictability and the fact that it is not as fixed as say mortgage, rent and other utilities. It is not easy to allocate a fixed amount of money into medical expenses every month, hence the need for medical insurance. The cost …

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What Is Good Affordable Health Insurance?

When it comes to insurance, affordability does not guarantee good quality service. Unfortunately, most people associate affordability with substandard services. This article not only seeks to give tips on what would make up good and affordable health insurance but also encourage people to take up health insurance coverage regardless of their income. Do most people …

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The Two Main Types Of Health Insurance

“Prior proper preparation prevents poor performance” ought to be one of the most common phrases used to emphasize on the importance of preparing for future occurrences. This common phrase can be used to perfectly describe health insurance. Health insurance refers to any policy or insurance that covers an individual’s full or partial risk that is …

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Facts About Health Medical Insurance You Must Know

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The human body is susceptible to germs, pathogens, allergens, accidents and much more harmful organisms and events, which have adverse effects. The result is sickness, physical injury, disability or death hence the need to take precautions against these eventualities. Health medical insurance is a program that aids in payment of medical expenses enabling you to …

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Affordable Health Insurance That You Must Have

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Are medical expenses overwhelming you and you just cannot keep up? Then it is about time that you consider getting health insurance. It ensures that you do not have to directly incur the medical expense. Health insurance is a coverage that offers to pay for the benefits in case of injuries or even sickness. This …

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