Can You Get A Driver’s License Without A Car?

A driver’s license is one of the most important documents for one to have, and learning how to drive has become one of the most essential skills for you to acquire.

You might be home in need of groceries and your loved one is not at a position to drive, or you might need to grab some medication for a loved one who has a car but cannot drive.

A driver’s license will give you a clean go-ahead to take responsibility and sort things out.

Well, more often than not we may find ourselves in a position to get a driving license, without first owning a car.

In this kind of situation, we often ask ourselves if it is possible to get a driver’s license without having a car.

We have an answer for you.

Yes, you can get a driver’s license without a car.

Good enough, right?

Since cars are quite expensive, most people are opting to apply for a driver’s license before purchasing a car.

With or without a car the process of obtaining a driver’s license is almost similar since the steps you are taking are the same.

At the end of the day, you can only get a driver’s license after undertaking driving classes and passing the final test.

For you to get a driving license without owning a car, what you need to do, is apply for a permit first.

This permit gives you the go-ahead to be taught how to drive a car. It is commonly known as a learner’s permit.

This is before you get an instructor or enroll in a driving school.

There is always enrolling in a certified school whereby, in most cases, these institutions apply for your permit as part of the package.

However, if you choose to get a personal professional instructor you will be required to apply for your permit through the department of motor vehicles, ministry, or body in charge in the specific state or country.

After getting a permit, if you choose to go with the independent professional instructor you might need to rent a car for the practical sessions.

This is usually the major challenge when trying to get a driving license without a car.

In some cases, some instructors may opt to use their own, however, in most cases, you rent your own.

The rental process can be tedious since not many people are willing to rent out their cars to rookie unlicensed drivers and in most cases, you will be required to request a licensed loved one to give you theirs or use their license to rent you one.

This needs lots of trust since rental car dealers do not offer insurance in case of an accident and the person is fully responsible for the damages caused.

It is usually advisable to get a car from someone you know instead of renting one.

We acknowledge that rentals can be expensive depending on the car dealer.

That is why we highly recommend that you comb through different dealer shops and compare their rates.

Kindly ensure that the car you rent is of a similar category to the one whose driving license you intend to apply for.

For example, you practice with a B1 category vehicle while you intend on undertaking an A1 category test.

The context may be similar, however, that may cause confusion during your final practical exam.

When seeking to rent a car, one has the option of visiting rental websites like craigslist and key in your search.

You should clearly state why you are renting the car.

Driving schools offer a full package inclusive of the practice car but may tend to be quite expensive.

They work best in case one does not have a car to practice on.

This, however, is not that flexible since one has to work with the limited time assigned to him or her by the institution and cannot practice at their leisure.

Most institutions charge an extra fee in case of prolonged practice duration or extra lessons.

Ensure that you have inquired on all those terms before enrolling for any institution to avoid misunderstandings.

Practicing on the road will give a good experience and boost your confidence on the road since you get real-life experience and encounter on the road challenges head-on.

As we all know, theory and practical sessions are very different modes of learning.

When it comes to driving, it is the practice and confidence that makes you a good driver.

In order for you to get a driver’s license, you have to pass the test.

You can apply for the practical exam on your own then you will be assigned to an examiner or your institution will do the application for you.

We all know that tests happen to be some of the most nervous moments in our lives but have to be taken anyway.

This is no exception, and in this case, you have to pass for you to be issued with a driver’s license.

It is advisable to apply for your examination date since you can do it when you have practiced enough and you are confident enough that you will excel.

You can also book your exam when the weather is conducive.

Trust me, taking an exam during winter might be a really bad idea.

Ensure that you have practiced and you are confident enough on the road.

Be calm and collected and above all maintain professionalism with the examiner.

Avoid uncalled for conversation and listen to instructions keenly.

Your role at this point is to show your prowess on the road while displaying road safety at all times.

Do not get intimidated by the examiner.

He or she is playing their part and you should play yours too.

Be focused without seeming timid or overconfident.

The examiner is there to assess your skills and as long as you have practiced long enough you have absolutely nothing to worry about.


In this article, we have highlighted that it is possible to get a driver’s license without a car and we have further taken you through what you are supposed to do to get one.

If you thought that you can only be issued with the document when you possess a car; then you can go forth and acquire one.

All the best as you seek to be a licensed driver.

You got this.