Admiral Contents Insurance Review In Depth

Admiral is a United Kingdom firm founded in 1993.

It provides an array of insurance products that include travel insurance, car insurance, and home insurance as well as other financial products such as loans.

Admiral provides combined home insurance, contents insurance and buildings insurance.

The company provides home insurance in 3 tiers.

This will help cater to a range of needs, with the top tier having solid cover levels for additionals such as Family legal protection, Personal Possessions, Accidental Damage, and Home Emergency.

Looking for the right insurance for your specific needs will depend on your circumstances.

Contents insurance

This insurance will cover the financial cost of replacing or repairing home personal furnishings and possessions, like computers, stereo, furniture, television, curtains and other electrical appliances, toys, jewelry, clothing, and even sporting equipment.

It covers items in your home that belong to you, and to your loved ones who are living with you.

Additionally, the policies might include items like motorized wheelchairs and sporting gear.

However, they don’t include portable items you may take outdoors or items permanently attached to the insured address or building.

The policies do not normally include cover for items guests or friends bring into your house unless you list their names on this policy.

Content insurers are ideal for renters and homeowners.

Homeowners can buy it as a stand-alone product or purchase it together with home insurance as home contents policy.

In addition, renters can buy cheap renter’s insurance policies.

Admiral contents cover will help protect your belongings against:

  • Water damage
  • Fire damage
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • And even natural happenings such as lightning strikes.

While it’s not compulsory to have home contents policy, ask yourself what you would do if all your belongings, gadgets, furniture and clothes got destroyed.

It can be costly to replace everything.

So, if there’s a tragedy in your home, your most valuable possessions will get covered.

Whether sentimental or costly, Admiral knows what will suit you most.

You should always read the policy documents cautiously so you know just what is and is not covered, and in what situation.

What isn’t covered by Admiral’s contents insurance?

This insurance doesn’t cover damage or loss to portable things, such as sporting equipment, cameras, jewelry, and mobile phones, when you take them outdoors.

Consider taking additional cover for protecting your valuables while outdoors.

If you are unsure if your things can get covered, simply get in touch with one of Admiral’s friendly team who will be glad to assist.

If you purchase Admiral’s contents insurance, your belongings get covered for water damage, vandalism, theft, fire damage and even natural events such as lightning strikes.

How much contents cover do you require?

What you own will determine the amount of cover you require.

Use Admiral’s contents calculator as a guide to your preferred level of cover, and then getting a quote.

Buildings or contents insurance?

Renter should just fret over contents cover.

People owning their homes, however, should think about buildings insurance as well.

Anything that is permanently attached gets covered by buildings insurance; the doors, the structure and yes, the sink in your kitchen.

The contents policy will cover everything you would pack to move with.

In addition, you can select an Admiral Home Insurance policy that will cover both building and contents insurance.

Admiral contents insurance for renters

It is very costly and tricky to get on the property ladder, which is why lots of people prefer renting.

However, this does not mean tenants do not want to protect their possessions as homeowners do.

Your landlord is in charge of ensuring that your house has buildings insurance; however, it’s your responsibility to arrange cover for your belongings.

If you’re renting as a family, with your partner or alone, you can use Admiral Home Insurance to insure your contents.

Adding up the value of your contents

You should know what your possessions are worth to cover your contents.

It sounds overwhelming to add up everything you own; however, you should do it if you’re hoping to reclaim the correct amount for your possessions.

Do tenants need to get contents insurance?

Based on your living condition it is possible to get Admiral Contents insurance for only your room or the whole house.

If you choose to insure the whole home-share or flat, remember that being the named individual on a policy will bring unplanned aftereffects.

If, for instance, your roommate makes a claim, it can affect the premium of everyone else concerning renewal; even if they are the reason behind the fault.

Your claims record will follow you up to 5 years, so even if you relocate and change home insurance provider you might still be forced to state, which can increase the premium.

If you choose room-only insurance, you should have a lock on the door to ensure you’re qualified for theft cover.

If there’s no forced entry sign into the room, the claim might get turned down.

Additionally, possessions in public places are not likely to be covered unless there’s an indication of a break-in into the house.

Fixtures are buildings are the responsibility of your landlord.

For this reason, if there is an issue with the boiler or a burst pipe, fixing the issue quickly is the work of the landlord.

If your landlord furnishes your flat, they should insure their contents too.

Important rules for purchasing contents insurance

Doing your homework can boost your chances of getting a competitive deal for the contents insurance.

Read your policy terms carefully

Once you have got a policy, go over the terms and conditions carefully to minimize the likelihood of getting caught out if you should ever make a claim.

Look for the correct level of cover

You need to be as precise as possible when you’re valuing your contents.

You do not want to over or under-insure your possessions.

Before you begin to look for contents insurance quotes you should calculate the value of your possessions.

Admiral contents calculator will make it simpler to calculate how much all the contents in your home add up to.